Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crazy Zuma

I came home from work tonight and kyle had a laser out and zuma was chasing it. SO funny. She would get dizzy and lay down. He would aim it at the wall and she kept trying to jump on it and get it. She is our crazy crazy puppy. She keeps us entertained thats for sure! Love her!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well it has been forever since I posted anything, nobody probly even looks at our blog anymore. I know this is a really REALLY long post, But heres a little bit of whats going on in our lives..... Kyle started working at Wells Fargo the end of July and he loves it. He is alot happier there than he was at subway which makes me happier! I am now working at Canyonlands Youth Center; I started there the end of October, which also makes me happy because I am not working at Old Tymer anymore! Yay!

We had a busy summer of camping and playing with our family, and have had a fun filled fall and winter with our new jobs. In July we had our McDaniel Family Reunion. My mom was in charge of it this year so we got to help plan it and cook and everything. It was really fun. We went up to Camp Jackson on the Blue Mountain to a fun little campground area they have there. We had fishing contests and went on trail rides and played with all the crazy kids. One of the nights we had my grandma tell us stories about when she was growing up and about when her and grandpa met and about our parents growing up. It was really neat to hear all those stories. It was alot of fun and will always be one of my favorites because it was Grandmas last.

My sister Klea has a ranger and she left it here after the reunion. Kyle and I took it out to arch canyon and it was a blast. We of course took zuma and she tried to sleep but it didn’t work out to well for her. We live in such a beautiful area!!!

Zuma fell out of the truck and tore something in her leg, she was drugged up for a while and this is what she would do. She would always fall asleep like this. SOOO funny. She was a crack dog...

Every time we go camping with my dad we HAVE to cut wood. I grew up doing it and didn’t enjoy it much then but now I love it! And so do all the grandkids!

My sister Sheena had her baby in September; they named him Durham Bayles Callahan. He is so dang cute. I had to go down and see him when he was born so we drove down on a Saturday and back on Sunday. But it was worth it. He is getting so big and chunky now. I took some pictures of him around Halloween they turned really good. My sister-in-law also had a baby in November. They named her Ava. She is a doll. She is also getting pretty chunky. We have some cute nieces and nephews!! I couldn’t find my pictures of Ava tho :(

My grandma McDaniel passed away at the end of October. She was really healthy; she walked every morning and was very active so it was very sudden and unexpected. She was always traveling somewhere, and was planning another trip. She has been to Israel twice and went on several church history tours and temple tours with her friends. It was kinda hard for me since I've lived in the same town as her pretty much my whole life, and she has been there for every big and little event in my life. We loved her alot and she will be greatly missed. Her funeral was the day before Halloween so all the family stayed here for that. It was fun to see all the little kids dressed up and it was good for everyone to have that after the sad week.

We had a good Thanksgiving, all my sisters came and we had alot of fun. We made beaded watch bands and played games and just hung out. Christmas with Kyle's family was also lots of fun. We went to Ellis and Mable's for Christmas Eve and Ellis sang O Holy Night. It was pretty awesome. We went out shooting on Christmas Day and of course got stuck in the snow.

We got a TON of snow this week. It’s insane!! We had to get up on our roof and shovel it because it supposedly going to rain tomorrow or sometime this week and they say it will just soak into this snow and make it way heavy. So we had an adventure on the roof. I was up there for a while but I kept on sliding down and was scared I was going to fall off, so I got down. And Kyle probly thinks I’m a wimp now. I almost peed my pants trying to get down the ladder I was so scared that I was going to fall. I’m not too good with heights.

So that’s what we have been up too. We are always busy doing something and always finding adventures. We love our crazy dog and she keeps us very well entertained. We can’t wait for summer so that we can go camping again. But for now we will just have to play in all the snow……

Monday, June 22, 2009


Well it has been a while since I have posted so here is whats been going on with us. We finally got moved into our house!! YAY!! We were so excited to be moving in and we are loving living here! It is so fun to have a place that is ours. We love it. We have alot of work to do with the yard, as you can see from our pictures our yard is all dirt right now. And millions of goat heads.... We havent done much decorating on the inside yet but we are slowly getting there. Here are some pictures of our house.

This is my pretty kitchen! I love it! We both like to cook so it is good to have a big kitchen for us both.
The living room
The dining room
The main bath
The entry way

Movin In!
This picture is the office, it was like the only picture of the bedrooms that I have gotten. But our house has 4 Bedrooms, 2 baths and a laundry room. The master bedroom has a big walk in closet, that is Awesome! Kyle and I each have our own rooms! He has his office and I have my room for scrapbooking and sewing.
My sister Sheena and her husband Tanner came a couple of weeks ago and we went camping with them. It was alot of fun. I got to shoot my gun! The first night we were there we had almost 20 deer right around our camp. It was pretty cool. I tried to sneak up on them to take pictures but they didnt like that very much.

Kyle got a new prize! That is his new truck behind him. He has been wanting one forever and we got this one for a really good deal. He loves it! He is so excited that he can pull things with it. He has been wanting to be able to pull the camp trailer so now he finally can!

Kyles moms birthday was on the 15. We had a party for her at our house. Kyle wanted to decorate so we did. Him and Jessi made Fajitas for Kim and we got her a Lemon Meringue Pie.

This is the newest member of our family. Her name is Zuma. We have had her about a week. She is a Great Dane. I still cant beleive that he convinced me to get a great dane. She is going to be HUGE. But I love her! She is such a cute puppy. She does the silliest things. Today she was laying on the couch by me and she rolled over and fell off the couch but she just went right back to sleep laying on her back with her feet up in the air. And right now she is still laying like that. She is funny. Ill have to post some pictures of her laying like that.

This is my favorite picture. They were both out cold. Kyle loves his puppy!